The Universal team challenged my team to come up with a “BIG” Jurassic sized idea that would not only surprise and delight our customers but give them something to talk about.

My team pitched Universal an opportunity that got their entire marketing team leaned in and excited  - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom would become a part of Amazon history through a Jurassic sized  “delivery” of a life size T-Rex – Amazon’s largest “delivery” to date.

The Stunt: 

Tuesday (5/29) the viral campaign kicked off with a teaser video that was posted socially across Amazon handles including Prime Video, Amazon, Fire TV and Amazon Student, Plus Jurassic World social channels.   

Wednesday (5/30) the giant Amazon box roared through the streets of LA flanked by California Highway Patrolman and a Jeep motorcade.

Thursday (5/31) the box was “delivered” to The Grove where people could interact with it, taking photos, scanning a smile code, and engaging with the different sounds coming from inside box.

Saturday (6/2) the stars of the film, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard came out for the ‘big reveal’. Chris live streamed the entire event on his Instagram account while the Amazon, Prime Video and Jurassic Handles documented the entire unboxing through Instagram stories and posted a recap video directly following the event on their Facebook and Twitter handles.




All over LA, event at The Grove


Citywide driving stunt, Day of event/unboxing, Teaser video, Amazon takeover, Fire TV takeover, Fire Tablet takeovers, Standard media campaign.